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HalloweenBeads! ~ Made to order (hl_01)

HalloweenBeads! ~ Made to order

This set is sold, but I can make it to order and I'll send pictures when the set is complete (prior to mailing).  If you want to substitute, we can mix and match or do all pumpkins if you like etc. FYI, it's difficult to do all candy corns and make them exactly alike.  Let me know!

Maria Hannah loved these beads!   She was so excited with them that she wouldn't leave them alone till I put her own Halloween bracelet on her (bottom right corner).  I tried to get a better picture but she was too quick and kept taking off before the dang flash/picture would take.  This was the best I could do :)  This is her version of "cheese."  She is so cute, isn't she?!

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